(When Taken With🌿)

  • A drawn image of a mango fruit


    😌 Relaxing

    😴 Sedating

    🥲 Pain Relief

    🤩 Euphoric

  • A drawn image of a lime


    🥇 Uplifting

    🥳 Energetic

    🎨 Creative

    😎 Care-free

  • A drawn image of three raspberries


    🧬 Calming

    👽 THC Enhancing

    🥲 Pain Relief

    🫠 Soothing

  • A drawn image of a pineapple


    🫡 Alert

    🥳 Energetic

    🎨 Creative

    🫁 Lung Airflow

  • A drawn juicy peach


    🧬 Calming

    😎 Care-free

    🥲 Pain Relief

    🫠 Soothing


Most people consume terpenes daily without even knowing it. They are compounds that give plants their unique scent / flavor and are found in nearly all fruits and vegetables.

When combined with cannabinoids, they can induce unique effects. Just like fruit, your favorite grass naturally produces terpenes, which is why each strain has unique smells, tastes, and effects.

These gummies must be taken with THC to activate their unique effects. With our terpenes, you can create custom terpene profiles to find effects that align with your body.

Each person is different so you will need to find a terpene profile that's right for you. It's like trying out different strains except with our terpenes you will be 'crafting your own'.

It's different for everyone, but they can give enhancements and unique effects to an individual's high. This is caused by synergies in the brain between terpenes and THC.

Aside from plant characteristics, terpene profiles are one of the primary ways we can differentiate between strains (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, etc.).

Yes! However, a large amount of products lose most of their terpenes. This can happen when the contents are extracted from flower via high temperatures, poor packaging, burning the final product at a temperature too hot for terps, etc!

Many of these products have their cannabinoids, but have lost a huge amount of their terpenes. Even flower loses most of its terpenes while curing because they degrade rapidly when exposed to oxygen.

In many lower tier or poorly packaged grass products, you are likely to find only trace amounts of terpenes.

It's a fun process finding your unique terpene profile! Mix and match until you find your perfect high.

You likely have a preference between Sativa vs Indica heavy strains. Start by taking terpenes that match the effects you typically enjoy from cannabis.

Live resin/rosin and fresh flower are going to be some of the best products for terpene preservation. The difference however is that with these products (or terpene enhanced edible/vape/concentrate products) you are being given a pre-crafted terpene profile.

Essentially, you have to take a bunch of guesses trying to find a strain that already has the perfect terpene profile for your brain.

Our gummies allow you to take any green product and either enhance your high towards certain effects or customize the high if the product has lost its terpenes. We're in the business of helping you find the perfect experience.

Take as many as you want, but if you want to match an amount similar to the terpene content in flower, you want around 20% the amount of 🌿.

Our chews contain 1mg of terpene, so if you take 10mg of 🌿, taking 2 of our gummies will equal about 20%.

Taking beyond 20% doesn't necessarily mean more potent effects!

Yes! BUT the amount of fruit you must eat is large and less controllable. Our chews make it much easier to ingest and control. For example, if you wanted Myrcene,

1 ripe Mango Chew = 1 Whole Mango Fruit

Eating it in gummy form allows you to dose your terpenes consistently.